90 Day Fiancee (#133)

I am very aware of the fact that my taste in tv shows and movies can be described as ridiculous. I love a good, stupid reality show and prefer rom-coms and musicals over more serious movies. But here’s the thing, why would I want to watch something serious or sad when I could turn on the news any given day and see that nonsense? Plus, I get so much more out of reading about certain topics, that I would rather save my tears and brainpower for the books I read. And, in defense of my love for reality TV shows, I just think that human beings are so interesting. I have always loved humanity as a whole and looking at how they think and act is intriguing. Obviously, I realize that reality tv shows are heavily produced and that the people are encouraged to say certain things, but still they have to be the type of person who is willing to say such a thing. While most scripted TV shows are the result of a few brilliant people, reality TV shows are a result of a multitude of strong personalities and what happens when they interact and are just being themselves.

That long intro was basically my way of making sure you guys understand why I’m about to spend a whole blog post talking about a insane reality show, because that’s exactly what I’m about to do. Tonight at Ally’s house I watched 90 Day Fiancee for the first time, and it was quite the experience. There’s a whole mix of people who, for whatever reason, are willing to give up their entire lives and move across the world to marry someone they’ve barely met. Naturally, that’s an insane concept and it’s easy to dismiss this people as dumb or trying to manipulate their way into American citizenship. But I still can’t help asking myself why they are doing this. What events or circumstances have led them to this point? How did they meet these people overseas? Are they gullible people in general, or are these people they fell in love with special? Which of my friends could I see ending up on this show?

That last question is interesting, because I feel like if we took a group survey most of my friends would say me, and I kinda understand why. In a way, I relate to the earnestness of these people to believe in the best in people. Also, I’ve traveled enough to realize that many people in other parts of the world are kinder, more compassionate, and less close-minded than Americans. Obviously this isn’t a universal truth, just something I’ve noticed based off of my own interactions. The point is, these people didn’t just spontaneously decide to be on this reality show and do the things they are doing, which makes watching them that much more interesting.

Also, typically the people on these shows are undeniably entertaining. That’s why they work. I feel like most people have that one friend in their friend group who is just genuinely entertaining to watch sometimes, and reality TV takes all those people and forces them interact with these people. And, on 90 Day Fiancee, you get the added element of Americans trying to figure out how other cultures work and why, if you’re visiting future in-laws in Morocco, sometimes you just have to eat a pigs head. Coming from a girl who had to eat an eyeball in South Africa, I totally relate to this.

In conclusion, reality TV is great and I will continue to watch it and be entertained as long as the real world continues to be sad and depressing.

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