Painting Rocks (#132)

It’s pretty obvious to most people who know me that the whole artsy thing has never really clicked for me. I still struggle to color inside the lines, my handwriting is pretty illegible, and any project above stick figures is outside my ability. Because of this, when my cousin suggested that we start painting some rocks, I was skeptical. Not because I didn’t think it would be a good time…I can have fun doing pretty much anything, especially when my family is involved. I was skeptical that any rock I painted would be worthy of hiding, as part of the Pittsburgh Rocks project on Facebook. This is actually a pretty cool project that involves hiding and finding painted rocks all over the city, and adding a little brightness to someone’s day.

Luckily, I was decorating rocks alongside children aged 4 and 7, so mine were able to blend in pretty well. Kendal, who is is 6th grade I think, completely blew my rocks out of the water, but that’s to be expected. Surprisingly though, I actually really enjoyed the process of painting the rocks, even if they weren’t pretty. There is something relaxing about just doing something creative and carefree for a couple minutes. I feel like we’re told that we always have to be doing something productive, working towards something, or else we are wasting our time. I think the intense relaxation we found taking 20 minutes to paint some rocks shows that we are actually in desperate need of a slower pace. There is value in creativity, and creative things, and I am happy that I decided to pursue such a career, despite all the wonderful, pragmatic people in my life asking me “but what are you going to do with that.”

Moral of the story, go paint some rocks and discover stuff about yourself. And if you do, hashtag #pittsburghrocks on Facebook.

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