Country Roads (#129)

Today I drove up to where my Aunt Kathy has recently moved, smack dab in the middle of Amish country side. It’s crazy how different the culture can be somewhere just a few hours away. For example, I passed a pumpkin patch advertising picking your own pumpkin for $1. In good old Delco, this costs like $15, plus the price of whatever pumpkin you decide to pick. Also, as I am sitting here typing this in Aunt Kathy’s dining room looking out the back window, I am 99% sure that I see a plow being pulled by horses. My Little House on the Prairie fangirl heart is screaming, but I still wonder about how long that kid as been out there plowing. Those horses are probably strong as shit, but there not moving super fast. Still, despite the inconvenience of getting stuck behind a horse and buggy and the nearest McDondalds being a half hour away, I think I could get used to this country living.

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