The Lib (#128)

I have a paper due tonight, so I decided to come to the Lib (aka the library) to get some serious work done. Unfortunately, since I’ve been here things have not gone exactly as planned.

When I first arrived I settled into my normal table in the back, and everything seemed normal. There were a few more kids than usual in the adjacent play area, but I like a little background noise when I work so this didn’t bother me. Plus, listening to little kids fight over the blue car is always a nice distraction when I need a 30 second break from the grad school world. However, I quickly noticed more and more children showing up and a library employee sit down in a chair. The kids ran over to make a circle around her, and I thought to myself “damn, I guess she’s gonna read them a story or something that’s kinda annoying.” Folks, she did not read them a story…it was so much worse.

Apparently, today was some type of weekly program where they blast children’s song and kiddos scream along. I swear that I have never heard a louder or longer rendition of Wheels on the Bus, it was endless. This screaming/singing lasted at least a half hour, but the kids were so hyped up they didn’t really quiet down again for a long time. But hey, I guess that’s what I get for choosing to study in a public library.

The children’s section finally settled down enough for me to get back to work, and just as I was getting back into the groove of banging out some good pages on this essay, a cute old man who works at the library came up to me and says, “excuse me.” Since my peanut butter crackers and coffee cup were blatantly breaking the no food/drink rule, I figured that was what he was going to say. Surprisingly, he asked me where I bought my sweater. I smiled and told him Salvation Army, and I thought that was the end of our conversation, but Library Poppop had other ideas. He proceeds to sit down at the table I was working at and ask me a series of rapid fire questions: What are you working on, where do you go to school, what classes do you take, what is your paper about, do you like working at the library, do you like reading, are you going to write a book one day? The questions went on and on, and while I usually am so ready to talk all day with cute old people, I still had 2000 words left to write and a deadline that was rapidly approaching.

Eventually, Library Poppop decided to go back to whatever job he was supposed to be doing and I could get on with my paper. I was able to finish in time, and I think my final product was pretty decent but I will consider this a lesson learned. Do not go to the Lib under the false assumption that you will be met with a quiet and interrupted work space, Wheels On the Bus and Library Poppop are always lurking where you least expect them.

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