WWJD (#119)

Just when you think you’ve reached a point where you’re beyond fighting with your parents over stupid stuff and have found a way to work harmoniously together (see yesterday’s post),  something happens to remind you that, no matter what, you will always be someone’s child which means that you will always have a parent to argue with.

Today this argument started when I came down dressed to go to church with my dad. He decided that the shirt I had on looked like a pajama shirt and decided that I had to change. I responded that if this shirt was good enough for Jesus, who hung out with prostitutes, that it should be good enough for him. We continued to go back and forth, and naturally my emotions betrayed me and I started crying so much that I couldn’t go to church without the whole world knowing I’d been crying. Well, at least that’s what I thought, Mum of course had a different idea and was extremely angry that I was missing church. I told her that was her husband’s fault, and to take it up with him before joining Grandma in the family room to catch the end of TV church.

It’s been a couple hours, and everything has blown over as it usually does, but the moral of this story is that just when you think you have maybe crossed the plane of being a grown-up, a wrinkly white shirt can send you right back to being a petulant teenager once again

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