An Ode To Mix CDs (#117)

Alright, there’s something we really need to talk about…

As I was talking about getting caught up on my blog, one of the poems I recently posted about a mix tape/cd came up and someone I work with, who is only a year or two younger than me, revealed that she had never received, made, or listened to a mix CD. What the hell man, what is happening to the world?! How do people even confess their love these days, or comfort a friend after a break-up, or find a perfect back-up gift for your mom’s birthday, or ensure that your sister has a good trip to wherever she’s going now.

All histrionics aside, I feel like mix CDs aren’t given the appreciation they deserve. Since Sophomore year of high school, I’ve tried to make a new mix every month to listen to in the car. A couple of my friends also made them, and it was the best way to share music because every car has a CD player. Well, at least they used to. I also prefer listening to a CD in the car because I get to avoid all the commercials of radio and I don’t have to fumble around with an iPod or Spotify on my phone or Bluetooth or Aux cords or any of that nonsense. I simply throw in a mix or an album I love and I know that I’m set for the next 12-20 songs.

Not to mention, a  good mix CD is still my favorite gift to give/get. There is something so unique and personal about being like here are 15 songs that I picked out just for you. Here are the songs I think you’ll love, here are the songs that remind me of you, and here are all the songs that we have memories with. Especially when you don’t have a lot of money to spend on someone, a mix is a thoughtful, free way to show that you care and that you’re willing to spend your valuable time pouring through your iTunes to find the perfect songs for them. I guess you could still do this by making a playlist online somewhere, but then you need that app to listen to it and you can only hear it when you have WiFi or extra data. Plus, decorating the front of the CD you’re giving to someone is half the fun.

I feel like I could go on about this topic forever, but, as everyone who rides in my car points out, no one else listens to CDs anymore. However, if you’re out there somewhere listening to your mix tapes in secret, don’t worry you’re not alone! Also, just an FYI that my birthday isn’t until the end of April, which is plenty of time to make a bomb mix cd. Just saying.

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