Sophie (#107)

As a little kid, I was always amazed by those people who are genuinely kind and self-sacrificing. Now, my mom did her best to instill these values into to me, but at 7-years-old I wasn’t really practicing them in my daily life. But Sophie was.

I met Sophie at a Girl Scout event in Second Grade. I remember her so clearly because we were decorating cupcakes and one of the Kindergarten girls dropped theirs. Right away, Sophie offered hers up as a replacement. This trend continued throughout the night. When there was 10 scooters and 11 of us, Sophie happily volunteered to sit out. When it was our troop’s turn to wash the dishes, Sophie was the first one with a sponge in her hand.

Sophie and I became friends and this trend continued for the rest of our childhood. Clearly, this was more than just a good upbringing. Something in her was hardwired to put everyone else before herself. This natural inclination didn’t ebb at all as she got older. If anything, it got more pronounced. Volunteering at soup kitchens, donating homecoming dresses to girls who can’t afford them, inviting kids with no other friends to our lunch table…the list could go on.

By 10th grade, boys started to notice too and Sophie started having a ridiculous stream of boyfriends. Guys with stupid names like “Brick” and “Lance” who were as selfish as Sophie was self-sacrificing. Like usual, Sophie gave all of herself to them but they were always asking for more until they decided there was nothing good left to take. But Sophie kept giving, and eventually a new idiot would come and take their place.

Still, I can’t help thinking that there is something or someone great out there for her. If karma is real, I can’t think of anyone who’s stored up as much positive karmic energy as Sophie. I have to believe that the world she’s been so kind to is just waiting for the right moment to be kind to her.


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