Wedding Belles (#104)

Tonight my cousin Lauren married her awesome fiancee Stacey, and like every Calvano wedding it was a great time. Also, I got to drive a golf cart around so that was fun. Honestly, without me who knows if this wedding could’ve even happened!! Just kidding, it was an all-around great wedding, and despite some early complaints, we even got Grandma dressed and out the door.

One of my favorite parts was hearing their wedding vows. I’m always interested when people write their own vows and what they’re going to say. Lauren and Stacey both started with “I promise to keep you as my favorite person” and I loved it. First of all, it was just casual and quirky enough that it stuck in my head. But more importantly, I think it speaks to what love and marriage is actually about. Romance can fade away and rush back in over the years, but the agreement to remember how much you actually like the person you’re spending your life with is really cool. I don’t know, it’s late and I drank a lot of wine tonight but that point is I loved it.

Lauren and Stacey are awesome and their wedding was awesome and I can’t wait to watch their relationship continue to flourish for many, many years.


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