Slowdown (#101)

After college, it took me a couple months to find my scene. It’s kinda unfair that after spending 4 years building a rich, multi-faceted life among the community at DeSales and putting in all that effort, we graduate and are forced to leave it all behind. I guess one could argue that college is one of those things that comes with a set expiration date, so you should be prepared mentally and physically to move on when your 4 years is up, but I wasn’t. At all.

After graduation, I felt homeless. Obviously, I wasn’t actually homeless. I had a home, a nice home–four bedrooms, two car garage, a large backyard. It also comes with two parents and a 91-year-old woman who borders on senile. Sometimes she calls me “pretty girl” and has me cracking up laughing, and other times she accuses of putting bugs in her food. So that’s fun. Living at home isn’t actually all that bad, and I enjoy it 95% of the time. It’s just impossible to really be an adult in your parents house and since I’m told that I have to be an adult now, I set out to find where I belong.

At first, I wasn’t quite ready to let go of school so I drove 40 minutes twice a week to my ex-roommates house to smoke and talk about the good old days. When that got expensive, unrealistic, and slightly depressing, I switched to getting drunk at the college bars adjacent to my hometown. I’m not sure what aneurysm I suffered to make me think I’d enjoy a dark bar packed with strangers where you’re not even supposed to show up before 11:00pm, but that’s where I was every Thursday night, sucking down Rum and Cokes. This phase didn’t last long.

Sitting here on Wednesday night at the Slowdown Grillpub, I think I’ve started to create my new home. And no, that’s not a typo…I’m not exactly sure what a “grillpub” is, but I know that I like it. Before becoming the first known “grillpub,” Slowdown used to be an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. Remnants of the old days can still be found in glass bamboo engravings and scenes of pandas painted on the wall backdrop. Typically, Slowdown is a decent restaurant frequented by the normal Delco crowd. In the evening, lots of people come here for dinner, including our local priest. After 10:30pm, the crowd generally thins to basically just me and my friends and few middle-aged divorce folk who fit right in with our drunken antics. So basically my ideal crowd.

Tonight, as usual, Billy the Bartender is slinging drinks and preaching about the horrors of teaching at a public school in Chester. His latest rant is about kids being diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder  aka “a medical excuse to be a fucking brat.” Me and the guys laugh and start figuring out the teams for our weekly darts game. I sip my tequila and lemonade (a drink for only the classiest of ladies) and smile to myself. Here at this pretty weird bar, with my pretty weird friends, I’m starting to feel at home.

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