Like-Minded (#100)

Going back to school today was hard. I’ve been living in a responsibility-free fantasy world for the past six days, and I wasn’t ready to leave it. It didn’t help that I had work from 9-2 and tons of reading to do before class. Somehow, I managed to get (almost) everything done before class started, although it involved a lot of rolling silverware while simultaneously reading James Joyce and less sleep that I would prefer.

It ended up all being worth it though, because I experienced a super cool moment during class. About two hours in, the class takes a 10 minute break and usually everyone gets up to go to the bathroom or something. Those of us who don’t get up generally look over the reading again, check our phone, or just otherwise occupy ourselves in awkward silence. Tonight though, something pretty cool happened. During the break a conversation started between me and the couple people sitting near me about the story we had read for class.

Now, I realize for 99% of the people reading this that this would not be something exciting. But for me, I loved it. For one thing, it was one of the rare times I was able to organically have a conversation with people I don’t know without being intoxicated. It was also a new experience to be in class with people who actually did the readings, let alone form opinions about it. Sitting there discussing how Joyce compares to Woolfe and whether an all-female adaption of Lord of the Flies would completely miss the point. The inner English nerd in me was freaking out, and like the 30-something teacher said “this was great, I never get to have conversations like this.”

This was definitely one of those moments when I felt that I was completely in the right place and fully confident in my decision to go back to school. I have more doubts about that than I would like to admit, so it’s nice to have moments like this to go back to to reassure myself.

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