The Italian Way (#97)

Today Christine and I had class that was all about gelato. First, we had a tasting at this little shop that had the best gelato I’ve ever tasted. We learned how to tell when a shop is worth it, and when it’s a tourist trap to steer clear of. We ate more gelato than I thought would fit in my stomach, and then we went to a pastry shop to make our own. Oh, and we also learned how to make homemade tiramisu. So basically it was an excellent day, but the best part was not what I expected.

The most interesting and educational part of this experience was talking with our guide, Daniela. You could tell that Daniela truly had a passion for what she was speaking about. In fact, she had a passion for everything she spoke about. To her, life was about enjoying the best quality of things possible, especially when it came to food. She took bad gelato as a personal offense, because how could you take such wonderful fresh ingredients and turn them into crap?

Walking through the streets of Rome with her gave me a new perspective. At first, I was losing my mind a little bit because of how slow we were going. But, after I relaxed, I realized that it was kinda nice strolling like the locals. At Daniela’s slow pace, I was able to notice the artwork hanging in shop windows, eavesdrop on a woman haggling prices at the butcher, and the delicious smells coming from the pastry chef. This walk reminded me that life is not supposed to only be about the destinations, but rather about the whole journey along the way.

This really is the Italian way, isn’t it? To focus on quality over quantity and to expect greatness in life. To take things slow and enjoy the life you have, because it’s the only one you’ll get. To have discerning taste when it comes to the important things like wine, food, and friendship. To realize that there is never a reason to rush, and most of all refuse to settle for bright green Pistacchio gelato when a few more steps can bring you to gelato-heaven.

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