It Takes a Village (#94)

Never am I more reminded of the idiom “it takes a village” then when I am preparing to go on a trip. I’m not sure if everyone experiences this or if is directly related to my last minute/unprepared nature. Either way, it would’ve been absolutely impossible for me to go to Rome this time without the help of so many people.

First of all, when I’m packing I’m the queen of throwing out ridiculous questions and expecting people to know the answer. Examples from this trip include “Mom, do you know where that thing that I used to use is?” and “Does anyone know where all the stuff I took to Italy before is?” Because my parents are phenomenal people, not only do they not scream at me when I ask these ridiculous questions, but they also generally try and work with me to figure out the answer.

The closer I get to departure time, the more evident it becomes that I am in serious need of some help. Enter Christine, who came over before her flight left and helped me finish the school assignments I still had to turn in. She also folded/packed my entire suitcase basically, so that was excellent. Then there’s Mum who responded to my frantic texts from class and printed my boarding passes and photo-copied my passport for me, because I was running late as usual. Plus we can’t forget Pops who literally left work early to drive me to the airport and accommodate my ridiculous schedule. Even Grandma helped as best she could, throwing out reminders like “Don’t forget anything,” “do you need money,” and “watch out for the boys, they can get fresh.”

Even after I make it to my departure gate, I am still indebted to so many people. Thank you to the nice man who helped me get my carry-on into the overhead compartment. Thank you to everyone sitting around me get off the plane in front of them when they heard I had to catch my connecting flight in less than an hour. Thank you to the airport guy waiting there when I got off my flight to hand me an bright orange “Express Connection” pass that let me skip most of the lines. Thank you to the sweet English lady on my second flight who woke me up when the flight attendants were coming around with tea because she though I might like some. And, once again, thank you to Teeny for waiting for 45 minutes in a random piazza to meet me so that I didn’t have to try and find our Airbnb alone.

Basically, I am eternally grateful for all the awesome people in the world who go out of their way to help other people on a daily basis. This is something that I try to be aware of on a daily basis, but that definitely becomes abundantly clear when I travel.

Keep on being the best, humans. It’s much appreciated, I promise.

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