Girl Power (#92)

On the way to school today I stopped at Starbucks to get my usual vanilla latte, there was a lot of commotion going on. The front glass wall of the store was missing, and it look like someone had taken a bat to it. There was a police car out front, so my spy skills that are always laying in wait detected that there must have been some foul play involved. However, what really caught my eye was what I saw in the parking lot.

Sitting on the curb were two middle-aged women who looked to be about 60. This women had clearly plan to meeet at Starbucks to chat, but upon seeing the wreckage they were not deterred. Instead, they decided to plop down on the grassy median in the middle of the parking lot, drink from their fancy water bottles, and talk away. I don’t know how long they’d been there, but when I left the neighboring Saladworks an hour later they were still there.

Seeing this made me so happy. Not only do I completely see myself as the type of person who will be doing this a few years, I also think it’s such a good example of the female friendships I know and love. Whenever I make plans with my girlfriends, the location and activity barely matter. What matters is having a space where we can talk and laugh and talk some more. Spending time together is the event, not whatever the plan happens to be that day. Whether at a fancy brunch or sitting on a median in a suburban parking lot, as long as my best friend is there I’m set.

After I left these ladies in the grass, where they were still showing zero signs of slowing down, I headed to campus. After walking uphill from the parking lot and up three or four flights of stairs, my normal routine is to hop in the bathroom real quick to make sure my face hasn’t melted off. While there, I went into a stall and saw tons of messages written on the wall. Immediately, I got a little nervous because things written on bathroom walls can never be good, right?

Let me just admit that I freaked out a little as I was peeing tonight. Instead of derogatory comments about who slept with who of vicious bullying, this bathroom stall was covered in messages of good will. From things like “Follow your truth” to Mark Twain quotes and inspiring song lyrics to one of my personal favorites: “just spark a blunt.” Dozens of women had taken the time to write down something that they thought someone else needed to see.

My little feminist heart soared seeing these ladies take such a cliche sexist trope of writing on bathroom walls and turn in into something positive. I wanted to hug every single one of them. There were so many different types of messages, and I just felt like every single women I’ve ever met was on there somewhere. I don’t know, it’s not often I get chills in public restrooms so this was a pretty special moment for me.
Without knowing it, I think I was raised in girl power. I’ve always had tons of strong women in my life as role models, and all my significant friendships up until recently have been with girls. In middle school, I had more fun taking about the boys I liked than talking to them. At my all-girls high school, boys were a fun extracurricular for Friday nights, but the relationships that really mattered were the ones you built with your “sisters.” And I’m not even going to talk about college, because stupid college boys could fill up their own post.

I guess there might be some negatives to being surrounded my women my whole life, but I can’t think of one. Plus, I feel like the only friends I have now are guys, so it all evens out in the end.

Girls still rule, though.

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