Adulting, Round 2 (#91)

I was super proud of myself today because I made it to my friend’s house within 5 minutes of the time I said I’d be there and then I was successfully social at Jess’s engagement party with people I don’t know very well. Talking to strangers and being late are probably my two biggest life issues at this point,  so I basically felt like I was killing it today.

Until someone at the party asked me about grad school and a light bulb that had been hiding in the back of my brain somewhere went off and I realized that I didn’t do any homework this weekend. Which is, you know, a problem because I have lots of it. Hours of it. So the rest of my carefully laid Sunday night plans are worthless, because I will be reading Shakespeare and critiquing poetry and trying to find scholarly quotes that describe me for a least a couple more hours.

I guess it’s time to start using that cute new planner I bought.

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