Squirrelin’ (#88)

Today I was doing some serious squirrelin’.

If you don’t know what squirrelin’ is, don’t feel bad. I didn’t either until recently. Sometime around the 4th of July, my mom dropped it into conversation. She didn’t introduce it, she literally casually said it as if it’s some term we’ve been using for years.

Apparently, squirrelin’ comes from that moment when a squirrel is crossing the street and it sees a car coming. Rather than quickly finish its crossing or turning around the way it came, the squirrel gets stuck in the middle doing some weird kind of dance where it goes a little one way, then a little the other way. It clearly can’t decide what direction to go in, and this indecision usually results in its death.

Alright, that got a little morbid there for a minute. The point is I feel like Mum is on to something with this turn. I definitely spent more time today trying to decide what to do and what direction to go in instead of actually accomplishing anything.

Hopefully tomorrow I can squirrel a little less!

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