Procrastination (#72)

Today I bought a book of writing prompts from 5 Below. The book was a splurge at $4.50, but as I was flipping through the prompts I could feel my brain start whirling and the creative juices starting to flow. I had every intention of completing one of those prompts and posting the extra short story as my blog post tonight. Instead, I am sitting here at 11pm trying to keep my eyes open long enough to get anything down on this page.

A few hours ago, when I had plenty of energy to write something fun and witty and insightful, I decided to waste my time doing stuff that I can’t even specifically remember right now. Now, all I wanna do is go to bed.

Putting aside how much of a grandma it makes me to be exhausted this early, it’s clear that my procrastination is a problem that needs to be worked on. In fact, it seems like a problem that goes hand in hand with the type of discipline I’m trying to learn by writing this blog. So from now on I am going to try to carve out some real, useful time in my day to write BEFORE the sun goes down and my brain shuts off.

We shall see how this goes, but I also never believed I’d get to day 72 of this project, so I guess I should be pretty optimistic.


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