Squash Is Not Spaghetti (#67)

Alternate titles for this post included “A Handful Of Almonds Is Not A Snack” and “Avocados Taste Like Nothing”.

Basically, today I came to the realization that 75% of diet experts out there are probably liars. There’s no way they don’t realize how bad their suggestions are. Or, even worse, they actually fully believe that spaghetti squash tastes just as good as the real thing. In this case, I worry about their mental sanity which makes them even more unreliable as a source. 

After 12 days of eating “healthy” I now fully understand why billions of people prefer to eat Chicken McNuggets over a Kale and rice milk smoothie. It’s because healthy foods are kind of gross. I can already hear so many voices in my head of all the people scrambling to tell me about how delicious green smoothies are if you just give them a try. And don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some good recipes out there that are healthy and nutritious and pretty delicious, but they’re still not as good as a piece of pizza straight out of the oven or fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or cheese fries. They’re just not.

I think because my venture into the realm of healthy eating is so new, my tastebuds still remember all the well the deliciousness of grease and fat and all the sodium my heart desired. Maybe this is the reason I’ve yet to be fully satisfied with a meal. Because maybe a nectarine does taste extremely sweet when you no longer remember what a candy bar tastes like. And maybe you start to forget what French fries taste like and are able to convince yourself that roasted chick peas with Mrs. Dash’s salt free seasoning blend are just as tasty. But I’m definitely not there yet.

So, all you healthy eaters out there who claim to be full after a piece of flavorless avocado toast, I’m on to you, and maybe someday soon I’ll be one of you.

I wouldn’t save me any almonds though.

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