DASH (#57)

Today, I spent more time thinking about the food I’m putting in my body than I ever have before. Between pouring through cookbooks at Barnes & Noble, attempting to navigate Whole Foods, planning my menu for the week, and getting started cooking and prepping, I spent at least 8 hours today completely focused on what I eat.

See, a couple weeks ago I discovered that I have high blood pressure. Like, dangerously high. At the age of 23. So that’s ridiculous. Apparently it has something to do with the medicine I’m on and the fact that I work at a diner and I don’t really exercise ever. I don’t know, I kinda thought I was chillin but I guess not. So now I have 6 weeks to naturally get my blood pressure down to a respectable level, or I have to go on blood pressure medicine, and switch around the rest of meds. That would be highly undesirable which is why for the foreseeable future I am officially as of today on the DASH diet.

The DASH diet stands for something fancy, like Dieting Approaches to Stop Hypertension or something like that, but what it really means is getting rid of all the things you like to eat. If it comes in a package, it’s bad. If it comes from a normal, non-organic, actually-affordable grocery store, it’s probably bad. And if it comes out of the Ruby’s Diner kitchen, don’t even think about it. As someone who’s basically never cooked for themselves, the prospect of eating 3 homemade meals a deal (plus 2 small snacks, don’t forget!) is incredibly daunting and turns me into a whiny child if I think too hard about it. In addition to becoming a DASHer, I’m also supposed to cut down on alcohol and exercise at least five times a day. Right. That’s gonna be easy.

But I guess I have to admit that I am pretty lucky, because Mum was right by my side through all the frustrations today. Without her, I would be even more overwhelmed than I already am. It’s also quite lucky that she’s able to help me pay for all my new fancy healthy foods. Even though technically fresh fruits and veggies aren’t that fancy, it’s still a part of the store that is inherently more difficult that the Pop-tart aisle. And I guess I should count my blessings that I have the type of family who pushed me to go to the doctor and that I have this chance to give myself a healthier life while I’m still young and can enjoy it. I know, I get it…this is going to be a “positive lifestyle change” that I should be happy about. It’s probably still gonna suck though.

Welp, on that note I think I better go to bed. Originally, I thought I’d stay up late tonight and catch up on some shows since I don’t have work tomorrow morning, but surprisingly the 5oz of baked flounder and 7 brussels sprouts I ate for dinner as left my ravenously hungry and with a pounding headache, so I’m just gonna call it a night before I’m too tempted by the already opened bag of chips Grandma left out.

Happy DASHing everyone!

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