Happy Travels (#53)

As I sit in the Milwaukee airport waiting for my flight to arrive, I hope that this is the first of many blog posts I write while I’m off on an adventure traveling somewhere.

Everytime I’m in an airport I can’t help but think about how incredibly lucky I am to be able to go on as many trips as I do. I’m only 23, and I’ve been able to explore more parts of the world than most adults I know. In part, it’s thanks to how hard I work (most of the time) and the sacrifices I make in other aspects of my life. But a huge part of it is being privileged enough to grow up in a family that has always encouraged travel and adventure. Even when my parents couldn’t afford fancy vacations, they always set aside time to explore something new and were never afraid to hop in the car and drive somewhere. This mobile upbringing and their support has definitely enabled me to travel more than I might have otherwise.

In addition to being obviously lucky enough to travel lots of places, being in airports makes me especially thankful in another way. No matter what trip I’m on, how much fun I had, or how much I can’t wait to go back, a part of me is always so excited to go home. A small part of that probably has to do with the fact that I’m a homebody and love sleeping in my own bed, but a much bigger part of it is that I just love going home to the people and places waiting for me. What a gift it is in this crazy world to truly love my family, friends, and home enough that no matter what crazy adventure I just experienced, I’m equally as excited to come home and share it with everyone. Even on short trips like the one I’m on now when I’ve been away for less than a week, my heart is excited to give Mum and Pops a hug, play cards with Gram, grab a drink with the guys, and even work a shift at my annoying job. Basically, I’m super blessed to live the awesome life I do, and sometimes I forget that, but there’s nothing like leaving home for awhile that makes me remember.

In other news, there has currently been four overhead announcements about someone who left their soup behind at security, so someone’s having a rough day.
See you soon, Philly!

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