Moving Day (#51)

There’s something exciting about sitting on the floor eating pizza straight from the box, surrounded by all the boxes you spent the past ten hours dragging up the steps. You’re definitely exhausted, and the thought of having to now unpack all these boxes is terrifying, but you can’t help but wonder what that shelf in the kitchen will look like with all the wine glasses on it. Then your off, chatting with your new roommates about what can go where and how this set-up will be perfect for a party with the group. The doorbell rings, and it’s a couple friends stopping by on their way to wherever to check the new place at. Before, when you lived on the other side of town, you were out of range so people never just stopped by. It took 30 minutes to figure out how to hang shower curtains around your antique clawfoot tub, but now that they’re there you can’t wait to take a hot shower and flop into your freshly made bed and fall asleep staring at these four new walls for the first time.  Here, at this new place with these new people, the future adventures seem limitless, as if the walls themselves are painted with possibility.

 It’s good to be home.

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