Writer’s Block (#44)

Sometimes I sit down at my computer to write and it feels like the words I just had in my head are running away. An idea hits, I open a notebook, and next thing you know it’s sprinting away. I’m not sure what makes them be extra slippery one day, and flow out the next. 

The best days are ones where my brain is buzzing and sentences are shouting themselves in my head. It’s impossible for my fingers to keep up with my brain and words are flying by, zipping out through my fingertips onto the page.

Other days I can spend hours staring at an open document or a blank page with nothing running through my mind except the lyrics to “Lucky” by Britney Spears or some other equally annoying song.

Most days are in the middle, and I gusss every occupation comes with its hazards. If the worst hazard of my future career is having to drudge through the dull corners of my brain searching for brilliance, I think I’m gonna be pretty satisfied.

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