Fro-yo & Friendship (#43)

Back when frozen yogurt first started being a thing, a little shop opened up right across from the local movie theater. Like every other fro-yo shop in America this place had a dozen self-serve flavors and an unlimited topping bar. We were pumped, and the place quickly became a regular stop of our just-licensed adventures.

Tonight, I returned to this place and found that the green stools and pastel colors hadn’t changed. The topping bar was just the same, and they added the Magic Kingdom’s Dole Whip to their yogurt selection. My friend and I sat for hours and hours watching rain pour down through the windows and chatting about life.

How lucky am I to have a friend to do nothing with? To sit and plan impossible trips with and condemn ex-boyfriends and talk about the pains of growing up vs. growing old. These are the friends that matter. The friends whose souls are the same shade as yours, so there doesn’t need to be a plan or a gimmick or a reason. Simply existing in the same space is enough. These are the friendships I ache for, that fill my heart and build my spirit.

Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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