Saturday Night Fever (#41)

Tonight, my parents got the rare chance to go out so I was on Grandma duty, which basically means we just hung out for a couple hours before I helped her get into bed. We watched some old musicals at a high enough volume that would’ve given Pops a heart attack.

As we were getting ready to go up to bed, Grams tried to get out of her chair but after getting about halfway up she fell back into her chair. She looked at me in disbelief and says, “I don’t know what happened, I tried to go up but I went down.” Immediately, we both started laughing so hard that we had to take a ten minute break before trying to get up again.

When I took her upstairs to go to bed, she kept making fun of me because I didn’t know what she was supposed to do first and she couldn’t remember either. Her face lit up when I put on Walker Texas Ranger, as if we hadn’t watched three episodes already today. I tucked her in and she goes “that used to be my job.”

All in all, not a bad Saturday night!


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