College 101: Falling in Love With Someone You Barely Know (#36)

It’s hard to learn when 5ft away sits the boy of my dreams. Well, at least the boy in my dreams. Two rows over, one row up–the perfect seat for casual observance in the general direction of the board. I know what you’re thinking, Sherlock Holmes must have learned his best detective skills from me.

By the second week of class I’ve learned that he has more than enough t-shirts to pair with his favorite American flag shorts, which are just short enough to show the bottom of some mysterious tattoo. Another week and I had fully utilized all the gifts a small, private education promised me and compiled a base profile based on rumors, yearbooks, and a particularly helpful link to a girl who used to be friends with his roommate’s ex-girlfriend.

The facts: named Richie, short for Richard after his father. He’s a Junior, but with a late summer birthday, so young enough to be a Sophomore. Former biology major, now studying Psychology, hence his presence in Dr. Diabolical’s Forensic Psych class. The rumors: 4 tattoos, including the aforementioned thigh tat. Friends with newly self-styled “Super Squad.” Clean dating record here at Cornfield University, presumed to be either gay or picky. Loves dogs, hates cats. Close to his mom, probably.

It is now a month into the semester and I have perfectly timed our entrance to coincide and a daily “oh excuse me.” I realize that this may sound pathetic, but this is an important step known in the spy world as “testing the waters.” Is he polite? Does he roll his eyes when he apologizes? Speaking of eyes, are his green or gray? Sometimes it’s hard to tell with the light from the window.

Our first test is two weeks from now and I have it on good intel that Richie-short-for-Richard will be going to the study group. This might be the perfect opportunity to activate Phase Two. I’ll keep you updated.




Author’s Note: This is an excerpt from a longer story I’ve been working on, just messing around trying to nail down my protagonist’s voice and what her deal is 🙂

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