Wawa Manners (#33)

Nothing gives me more faith in humanity than walking into Wawa. As stupid and shallow as it is, I absolutely love how out of the way everyone goes to hold the door for everyone. Obviously, Wawa is a pretty magical place but I don’t know what it is about it that makes people more polite. Thanks to DeSales, I’m a pretty standard door-holder but usually people either give me a weird look or act really surprised when I hold the door for them, especially when they’re not right behind me. Not at Wawa, that shit is expected and if you don’t hold the door you better be checking over your shoulder when you walk towards your car. Just kidding, there’s not really a door mafia waiting outside our convenience stores, but it is definitely frowned upon to ignore this weird trend of politeness. Yesterday, a guy didn’t actually see me, so the door started to close a little bit and he literally RAN back as soon as he noticed to hold it open. Basically, if humans acted the way they did walking into Wawa all the time, the world would probably be a much nicer, happier place. Let’s work on that.

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