Risk-Free Runaways (#29)

So for the first time in like 7 years I ran away from home tonight. Well, sorta. I got in the car to drive away but realized I had a quarter tank of gas, no wallet, and no bra on. Needless to say, I didn’t get very far and I’m pretty sure I was back in less than an hour.

Historically, I’ve never been great at running away. Before I had my license, I would usually head to my friend Julianne’s house, which was helpful because it was easily in walking distance. Not so helpful was the fact that our moms were best friends, which meant her mom would immediately call mine and get permission for me to stay, completely taking away any hint of rebellion I had going on.

Luckily, nowadays when I act like a petulant adolescent I have the ability to drive myself around and listen to sad/angry/loud music when I need to. This is a good thing because I’m kinda in this weird phase of my life where I’m not really sure where to go when I “runaway.” Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of friends to hit up if I want to go grab a drink or something to eat or take a spontaneous trip to Canada. In fact, I’m pretty sure as I was driving around tonight there were three different local bars I could have went to and joined friends. Unfortunately though, I’m a little lacking in the “call while you ugly cry in the car” friends right now. Geographically, I’m disconnected from the communities I spent years building in high school and college, so running away isn’t quite as easy as it used to be. Post-grad life is weird, man.

Aside from realizing that I am slightly bestfriend-less and extremely overdramatic, tonight I also realized that there are many benefits to having your mom as your biggest support system, but one big negative: do not fight with Mum. I repeat, do not fight with Mum, because when you do then you have no one there to discuss the fight with, and to point out how ridiculous you’re being. Instead you’ll end up playing “Supermarket Flowers” on repeat and creepily driving by your childhood house attempting to get a hold of your self.

But, if you have to fight with Mum, at least you know that whenever you decide to act your biological age you are free to walk back into the house and eat some ice cream as if nothing ever happened. Pretty sweet.

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