Lightning Bugs & Fireworks (#23)

Things I Learned Today:

  • There is in fact too much a good thing, especially when it comes to orange soda
  • Chasing lighting bugs in your barefeet will never not be fun
  • Lightning bugs sleep in the grass and if you look down when fireworks begin you will see hundreds flying up from the field at the same time 
  • Homemade Mac n cheese is the best Mac n cheese
  • While professional fireworks are technically more impressive, the danger backyard fireworks adds an extra layer of excitement 
  • No matter how unathletic you are you can still excel in cornhole ocassionaly
  • It’s never too early for a bracket
  • In fact, it’s never too late for a bracket either
  • When it’s really humid outside Grandma B used to say it was “close”
  • Dogs follow you around more when they realize you’re a messy eater 
  • Nap time is key 
  • Wrap-around porches are also key
  • All you need is a tractor to be the star of a parade
  • Fireworks should be a more frequent occurrence during the year 
  • If you have a whistle and bright orange vest people will probably listen to you 
  • Drunk people are friendlier and funnier than sober people 
  • I need to own a horse one day 
  • My family is perfect and ridiculous
  • Being around my family makes me even more ridiculous 
  • I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free
  • Fourth of July is the best holiday ever, its official, I don’t care what you say

Happy July 4th, everyone!!!

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